Requirements for Nautical Department

Certification and Licensing:

  • Possession of valid maritime/river certifications and licenses required for the specific role.
  • Compliance with national and international regulations for seafarers.

Seamanship Skills:

  • Proficiency in navigation, ship handling, and maritime safety procedures.
  • Knowledge of basic seamanship techniques, including knot tying, line handling, and boat handling.

Physical Fitness:

  • Good physical health and fitness to endure the demands of working at sea.
  • Ability to pass medical examinations and meet the physical requirements set by maritime authorities.

Experience and Training:

  • Relevant experience in sailing, preferably on similar types of vessels.
  • Completion of maritime training programs or apprenticeships.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team in a multicultural environment.
  • Strong communication skills to ensure clear and efficient communication with crew members and superiors.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures, including fire fighting, first aid, and man-overboard drills.
  • Familiarity with safety equipment and ability to respond promptly in emergency situations.
  • Understanding of ship systems, machinery, and equipment relevant to the assigned role.
  • Basic troubleshooting skills and ability to perform routine maintenance tasks.
  • Willingness to work in challenging conditions, including long hours, adverse weather.
  • Resilience to handle the physical and mental demands of life at sea.
  • Adherence to international and national maritime regulations, including vessel and crew documentation requirements.
  • Knowledge of maritime security protocols and procedures.
  • Proficiency in the required language(s) for effective communication onboard the vessel.
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions in a maritime context.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making:

  • Ability to make quick decisions and solve problems efficiently while adhering to safety and operational protocols.
  • Critical thinking skills to assess situations and take appropriate action.


  • Demonstrating professionalism, discipline, and respect for superiors, colleagues, and passengers (if applicable).
  • Adherence to ethical standards and company policies.

Please note that the specific requirements for sailors may vary depending on the type of vessel, rank, and the regulations of the flag state or maritime/river authority.


For all positions in the nautical department, English is a MUST, German is a plus.

Kindly submit your CV and a photograph via e-mail to: resurseumane@radiani.ro

We eagerly anticipate your response.


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