Our company provides a comprehensive range of professional services in the maritime industry, specializing in pilotage services on the Danube and Rhine rivers. Our highly skilled and experienced pilots ensure the safe navigation of vessels, delivering efficient and reliable guidance throughout the waterways.

In addition to pilotage services, we offer full crew management solutions, overseeing the recruitment, training, and deployment of competent and qualified seafarers. We understand the critical role that well-trained and motivated crews play in the smooth operation of vessels, and we are dedicated to providing top-notch crew management services to our clients.

Recognizing the importance of efficient logistics support, we also facilitate the provision of essential supplies and services for ships. This includes the provision of food provisions, fuel, and necessary materials to sustain smooth operations onboard. We take pride in ensuring that vessels have access to high-quality provisions and necessary resources, maintaining their functionality and minimizing disruptions.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive ship cleaning, disinfection, and derating services. Our experienced team utilizes industry-standard practices to ensure vessels are maintained in a clean, hygienic, and compliant state. We prioritize the health and safety of both crew members and passengers by implementing rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Our services extend beyond pilotage and vessel support, encompassing sea and coastal freight transport as well as freight transport by waterways. We have the expertise and resources to efficiently handle cargo across different regions, delivering goods securely and on schedule. Our commitment to excellence in freight transport is reflected in our dedication to implementing best practices and adhering to regulatory requirements.

In line with our commitment to providing comprehensive services, we also offer other food services not classified elsewhere (n.c.a). This includes catering solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring that crew members are provided with nutritious meals that meet their dietary needs.

Additionally, our company provides business and management consulting activities, drawing upon our industry knowledge and expertise to offer valuable insights and advice to clients seeking to optimize their operations and achieve strategic goals. Our team of experienced consultants collaborates closely with clients, analyzing challenges, and providing tailored solutions to enhance performance and maximize efficiency.

Lastly, we offer the rental and leasing of machinery and equipment for water transport, excluding leasing services. This encompasses the provision of specialized tools and equipment required for efficient and safe water transportation operations. We maintain a well-maintained inventory of machinery and equipment, ensuring that clients have access to reliable resources to support their specific operational needs.

Overall, our company is dedicated to delivering exceptional services across various facets of the maritime and river industry. We combine expertise, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence to meet the unique needs of our clients and contribute to their success in the dynamic and demanding maritime and river sector.